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In any business, if you are not constantly offering something new to your customer base you risk losing them altogether. This is true especially in entertainment and media, industries that thrive on the continued attention of the public. If a television network stops offering original content, viewership drops. If an author stops writing, backlist sales are threatened.

When you release a new product, how do you get the word out? You might present it on a prominent spot on your website, post a notice on your weblog, distribute a press release or use any number of offline promotional methods to get the word out. All are effective to some degree, but a targeted e-mail campaign dedicated to new products is one way to capture an interested audience and drive traffic to the point of sale.

Even if you already distribute a regular e-mail newsletter, the use of a supplemental e-mail campaign can prove beneficial to sales. Using an e-mail list of opt-in readers guarantees that your readership wants to be informed of new products, so there is no worry of "spamming". To showcase a specific product in between regular newsletter releases also increases the chances of imprinting the product in the minds of readers.

Say for example you distribute a twice monthly e-letter on the first and fifteenth of each month. Your new product launches on the sixth and you don't want to wait a week to attract buyers. A simple template designed around your product, with attractive graphics and dynamic copy, nicely introduces your product and set up a reminder in the following regular e-letter you send. So when readers receive your regular newsletter, they will have already been introduced to your new product and have a familiarity with it, and possibly the inclination to purchase.

The occasional use of a supplemental e-mail campaign to introduce a new product is also a good way to target specific readers on your opt-in. If you know your new product will have a limited appeal, use your e-mail program's statistical data to determine which segment of your subscribers would be most interested in learning about the item. Rather than alert your entire list, you can simply construct a special e-mail just for that segment showcasing the product. Then, with your regular newsletter you may continue to promote the new product. Those targeted readers, already familiar through the special alert, may be more inclined to click-through the regular e-mail letter.

Using special e-mails to target customers and advertise new products is an excellent way of generating word of mouth about new products and services your business offers. A professional service like Virginia Email Services can show you how to grow your business through proven e-mail solutions.

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