Virginia Email Services - FAQ
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Q) What type of services do you provide?
A) We offer an intuitive, interactive software that allows you to create, distribute, and track mass e-mail alerts to your subscribers.

Q) Is this spam?
A) Absolutely not! E-mail marketing is a legitimate and effective method of advertising to your customers. All of our clients utilize lists of "opt-in" e-mail addresses, meaning people have asked to receive the mailings.

Q) Do you host the e-mail software or can it be installed on our servers?
A) Both options are available. We can host your e-mail database and e-mail content for a minimal extra fee, or we can install the software directly to your servers.

Q) How do I access the e-mail marketing software?
A) Everything is web-based, so there is no need to download any complicated programs. If you have a web browser, you can send e-mails.

Q) Do you design e-mail templates and create content for newsletters?
A) We can do both. With our e-mail marketing packages, you have the option of letting us do all the work, or having us train you to do it yourself.

Q) Do you provide e-mail lists we can use for sending content?
A) Unfortunately, no. We do not sell or distribute e-mail lists, but we would be happy to research companies that do so you get the best deal.

Q) Can I send HTML and text-only e-mails with your software?
A) Yes. You can send HTML-only, plain text, or mult-part messages with our system.

Q) How many separate e-mails lists can I have with this software?
A) The sky's the limit! You can store one list of addresses or as many as a hundred if you need different lists for different purposes. You can even list addresses with multiple lists.

Q) How many e-mail addresses can I store with this software?
As many as you need. Our clients have anywhere from a few hundred to e-mails in the tens of thousands.

Q) Will this program filter out duplicate bad e-mail addresses?
A) Yes it can. The software periodically checks for faulty addresses so you don't waste time with bounces.

Q) How do I know if people are getting and reading my e-mails?
A) Our program has a statistics function that lets you see not only how many people have opened your e-mails, but who is opening them.

Q) How do I get started with e-mail marketing?
A) Call us today at 757.499.1990 for a free initial consultation.

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