Why Statistics for E-Mail Marketing are Important
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You may think you are enjoying a successful e-mail campaign by virtue of the sales increase to your business. You may on occasion check your website stats to see how many incoming visitors arrived courtesy of an e-mail you had sent. While such stats may speak well of your website traffic and the products and services you offer, complete results of your e-mail campaigns cannot be tallied unless you have all the information. This is why it is important to have statistics for your e-mail sends.

When you choose a bulk e-mail program for your newsletters and other mail alerts, you want to be sure you have access to as much data as possible where your campaigns are concerned. Charting a campaign's progress goes beyond checking your website's results - you need to know if the mail you send not only arrives to its intended destination, but is opened and heeded. Here are just a few features of a solid e-mail statistics report:

Bounce Rate: Are all of your e-mails getting to your readers? If you want your sale or news to succeed, you have to know if people are seeing what you have to show them. Your e-mail software should be able to tell you how many recipients are "bouncing", or coming back to you as undeliverable. You may find your mail experiences hard bounces where the address provided is no good, or soft bounces where a mailbox may be filled to capacity. Knowing this can help you pare your recipient list if needed or check for addresses that are incorrect.

Open Rate: Of the e-mails being delivered, how many are actually opened? A good program will inform you the open rate of each campaign you prepare. As your archive of newsletters grows, you can use the open rate as guideline to determine which campaigns are more successful - by virtue of the sales pitch or perhaps the attention-grabbing subject header - and build future mails from there.

Click-Through Rate: Getting a reader to open your mail is good. Seeing that reader click a link from that mail to your website is better. Your e-mail software should allow you to see not only your click-through rates, but information on which links are clicked. Having this information at your disposal will permit for more focused campaigns that offers your readers what they truly want.

Opt-Out Rate: It's the nature of the business that as you gain subscribers to your e-mail, you stand to lose some as well. If your e-mail software can provide you the information on how many readers are unsubscribing from your lists, it may be useful in helping you evaluate your e-mail marketing strategies. If you experienced a spike in opt-outs following one particular campaign, it would be handy to have a program that collects the data of the readers so you can follow-up with a feedback survey or free offer.

Once you can keep up with your e-mail campaigns through statistical reporting, you can use the information to improve upon future marketing plans. Take the time to explore the statistics options available to you when you choose your next e-mail software program or provider.

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