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People love coupons, how could we not? In an economy where every penny is pinched and bargains are hunted on the Internet and in the stores, it's not uncommon for targeted e-mails bearing coupons to be opened at a high rate. Whether you sell gifts, clothing, or offer a type of service or consultation, on or offline you can use your opt-in e-mail readership for effective coupon advertising.

The advantage to creating and distributing HTML e-mail alerts is that you have the freedom to design a template that is attractive, eye-catching, and complimentary to your business. Recently, a client who owns several tanning salons wanted to promote a special sale to his clientele. Because his business strategy employs bold colors and an atmosphere of excitement, we helped devise an online prinatable coupon he could send to his opt-in list:

Click image to view larger.

Set firmly in the body of his e-mail, the coupon was blasted to his entire list, resulting in a 20% open rate, which is considered very good.

Now, you might ask: what about e-mail subscribers who request to or can only see text messages? A coupon graphic is worthless to this still important segment of customers. Just because a physical coupon cannot be shown in an e-mail doesn't mean a coupon cannot be offered. In addition to an HTML mail, a companion text message can easily be constructed, perhaps with a specific code or instructions to print, to allow customers to take advantage of the same specials.

Virginia Email Services specializes not only in e-mail marketing, but template and coupon design. Our trained and talented staff is here to assist you in creating attractive campaigns for marketing your business and services.
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