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The behavioral patterns of your customers and clients tell you everything you need to know about your business. Why do people come to your website? What do they purchase? Where do they come from, are they mainly women or teenagers or senior citizens? As a savvy businessperson studies trends in Web traffic and sales, it only makes sense that the business will then adjust to further meets the needs and wants of customers. So it is with e-mail marketing. With the use of an effective e-mail program, you can tailor how you sell in order to continue the good trends.

Take a look at your current bulk e-mail software. Does the program allow you to track click-throughs to your website? Is the technology there to show you which of your e-mail campaigns are the most effective, and which items in your newsletters most interest readers? If you are able to acquire this data, use it! Determine what is most effective in your e-mail marketing and apply the information to specialized, follow-up marketing to nurture a repeat business designed to grow sales.

The one advantage to this style of targeted e-mail marketing is that it approaches a portion of your e-mail list that wants the information. Let's say that you operate an online retail site that sells sports memoribilia. You have maintained a solid e-mail reader base and enjoy steady click-through traffic on your regular e-newsletters. In studying your statistics, you notice a certain percentage of readers appear to be interested only baseball cards. The same readers are clicking through to a link to baseball cards on your site, even purchasing everything that is new. Why not create a specific supplemental e-mail alert just for this portion of your readership? There are a number of reasons this could prove beneficial:

Specialized e-mail updates may deliver a higher open and click-through rate than a general e-newsletter - Give the customers what they want, and they will come back.

Specialized notices may increase sales - Create a specific mail for this audience, then create an online discount coupon for the favored products and you just may see an increase in purchases.

Specialized e-mails gain trust - Personalize your greeting and create a relationship with your customers. People offer return business to companies and stores they trust, so what better way to nurture a relationship than looking out for your readers' best interests than with a targeted e-mail alert? You may find this brand of "individualized" attention will increase good word of mouth about your business, and bring more opt-in readers to your campaigns.

Your customers will guide the direction of your business. As you follow the trends, use direct e-mail marketing to guide your customers back to you.
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