Create Multiple Mailing Lists For Every Purpose
Virginia Email Services can help you organize your e-mail lists to create specialized e-mail campaigns for different targets, learn more today. Call us at 757-499-1990 or use the quick contact e-mail form to the right and one of our friendly staff representatives will be in contact with you immediately with any questions about our services.

With an opt-in list of e-mail addresses, you are holding a potential goldmine. You have a captive audience, a marketable population that can further improve your business. If approached correctly, these people will continue to patronize your business and recommend you to friends and family, and your business will grow.

Now, suppose you have a large number of addresses - in the tens of thousands - and your business is diverse in that your customer base is segments. Maybe half are only interested in one style of product, while the other wants to know more about services. Is there a way to efficiently and affordably market to everyone. Yes indeed!

With Virginia Email Services, creating multiple mailings lists on one account is fast, easy, and beneficial to your company. Depending on your collected information, you can create lists categorized by age, gender, income, interest, and even online activity - how often subscribers open mail and click-through to your site.

But why stop there? With our specialized e-mail software, you have the ability to track how many subscribers have opened an e-mail alert. From there, you can split the list of recipients into "openers" and "non-openers" and create all-new campaigns catering to each list! So if 200 of 500 subscribers opened an e-mail about your professional lawn service, you can send a supplemental message with a discount coupon. To the 300 who didn't open the mail, you can try to engage them with a different mail about something else you provide.

Organize your email lists according to geographic location, education, gender, and/or interest. Follow-up to responders and non-responders, take the initiative and reach out to a proven population of people who want to know what you do and what you have to offer.

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