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If you have a captive audience via a confirmed, opt-in e-mail list, you definitely want to take advantage of it through regular e-mail newsletters and alerts. When the information in these letters becomes outdated, however, don't send the files to your trash can. If your old newsletters are keyword rich and filled with information relevant to your business, recycle them into an online archive for your website.

E-mail newsletters can be an effective marketing tool even if they are not sent via e-mail. Let's say you operate a business that sells antiques and collectibles, and your monthly newsletter not only showcases sales, but offers tips on buying and selling rare items. Some of the ideas you offer may still be timely, and can provide excellent supplemental content for your website. Rather than just delete old issues, you can take general content from each letter and place it on its own webpage. Create another page to serve as a directory for these letters and you have a valuable resources for people interested in antiques.

There are a number of advantages to using older e-mail content for your website. For one, this serves to help boost your SEO visibility in search, especially if your content is relevant to your site and contains strong keywords and link density. Also, having an e-mail newsletter archive allows new visitors to your site to see what they can expect from regular updates, and it just may increase your subscription base.

So before you trash your old content, consider giving it new life in an online archive. Remember, what is old to you is new to somebody else, and having the information out there could bring you new business.

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